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Frank McCourt Teacher Man Essay Sample free essay sample

We all know the regulations in schoolrooms.â€Å"Children are to maintain the voices down. They are non to roll room or hallways. There can be no acquisition in a noisy atmosphere. The schoolroom is non a resort area. There should be no throwing of things. If pupils want to inquire a inquiry or reply a inquiry they are to raise their custodies. They must non be allowed to name out. Naming out could take to pandemonium and that would do a bad feeling on Board of Education functionaries from Brooklyn or pedagogues sing from foreign parts. † ( p. 148 ) Take these regulations and do the opposite the classroom’s world. In Mr. McCourt’s schoolroom. the reader witnesses a helter-skelter school life. far from subject and order. The writer does non even wait until page 3. until he reveals how his pupils throw around sandwiches and battle with each other. Not merely this scene demonstrates why rules and functionaries see often the necessity to fire this atypical Irish instructor. â€Å"Good instructors run a tight ship. † ( p. 149 ) So. does that intend that our instructor here. is a bad instructor? In the undermentioned analysis. I want to reason for the antonym. viz. . demoing how this instructor can be defined as a good instructor. as an outstanding 1. even. Particularly three personality characteristics will be focused. along with two of import messages. the book sends out. Finally we want to see how this book is non merely a lesson for the reader but besides amusement. In his thirty-years instruction calling. Mr. McCourt learned one thing: â€Å"Honesty is the best policy. † In many cases. the instructor merely uncover his honest feelings in forepart of the whole category and does non fear any controversial reactions. Whenever he is asked for something he is diffident about or does merely non cognize the right reply. he would merely acknowledge that he does non cognize and that he would look it up subsequently. He feels that there is no usage in non being honest. He even confesses that at times. he is fighting with negative feelings: â€Å"I told my category I was so unsure about learning. † ( p. 58 ) The ground why he sticks to his ethical motives and rules of honestness is simple: â€Å"Even if they [ the pupils ] prevarication to themselves and the universe they look for honestness in the instructor. † ( p. 203 ) A instructor should ever continue this rule. He learned this lesson peculiarly at one school: McKee vocational school. where â€Å"you have to do your ain manner in the schoolroom. You have to happen yourself. You have to develop your ain manner. your ain techniques. You have to state the truth or you’ll be found out. â€Å" ( p. 113 ) At this school. the reader perceives his belief in honestness besides at one transition where he is demoing. and indirectly knocking. the corrupt processs of rating executed by his fellow instructors at that place. Those merely assign their classs harmonizing to their likes and disfavors. distorting and pull stringsing the appraising factors ( see p. 108 ) . His good ethical motives are besides seeable when a female parent offers him to pass an adventuresome weekend on whatever resort he chooses merely to allow her girl into his category. He takes it for granted to turn down this offer. as it is corrupt. His co-workers. nevertheless. do non ke ep the same place and do merriment of him: â€Å"What’s the affair with you? † ( p. 201 ) However there is more that makes him a great instructor. Not merely his honestness but besides his trueness towards pupils is outstanding. We ever think of the teacher-student relationship as being an antagonistically one. sometimes even aversive. Not for Frank McCourt. The reader sees that when he had to go to the first Open School twenty-four hours. As opposed to all outlooks he neer says anything negative about his pupils. Whenever parents inquire how their kids are making. he responds that they are making great and that there is no demand to worry. He remarks the followers: â€Å"I was larning that instructors and childs have to lodge together in the face of parents. supervisors and the universe in general. † ( p. 71 ) Besides. there is this thrilling minute in the book where a male parent merely walks in his category and starts crushing his boy. He sees that as a dirt and interferes. protecting his pupil and halt this barbarous savagery. ( see pp. 91. 92 ) He normally emp hasizes and feels with his pupils taking them under his protective shield. contrasting one time more his colleagues’ sentiments who claim: â€Å"We have immense categories. non clip. and we’re non psychologists. † ( p. 100 ) Alternatively. he listens to every person and portions some interesting and touching narratives of his pupils. as for illustration Sal Battaglia’s and Louises love narrative that ended in a catastrophe as Sal. being Italian. got beaten down by Louises folks. Irish people. ( See p. 93-95 ) Bing on the kids’ site gives him a batch of advantages. The most positive consequence. of class. is that he is liked by the pupils. who think. â€Å"he was a critical. prosecuting. instructor. † ( p. 183 ) He frequently besides hears regards: â€Å"Mr. McCourt. you truly nice. The category nodded yeah yeah and the Puerto Rican boys smiled in the dorsum of the room. † ( p. 146 ) He is really considerate and reflects about students’ jobs. even though he sometimes is abashed: â€Å"I want I could take him aside for a talk. but I know I’m no good at that. It’s easier to speak to the whole category than to one male child. It isn’t so intimate. â₠¬  ( p. 96 ) Outstanding is besides his public presentation when he takes his category to the films and travels through the metropolis of New York. All his pupils are wholly overwhelmed by the metropolis and run about excitedly. Passer-by’s though commented deceivingly â€Å"they don’t know how to act like human beings† ( p. 138 ) . Having heard this. the pained instructor defends his pupils and takes their place. In the terminal. Frank knows that he can proudly state: â€Å"Ten old ages of instruction and he can state: ‘You’re making your dogged best. ’† whereas all those other instructors don’t give a â€Å"fiddler’s fart† about their pupils. In his approach of age life. the character grows a batch and develops his ain instruction method ; his secret of being a good instructor. â€Å"I was happening my voice and my ain manner of learning. I was larning to be comfy in the schoolroom. † ( p. 204 ) The reader can wholly witness this successful growing. get downing with the scene of raucous behaviour and battles in the center of his schoolrooms and his artlessness. He is frequently being highly criticized for merely stating narratives. instead than learning â€Å"solid stuff† . He is called â€Å"the instructor who can non state ‘no’ . â⠂¬  ( p. 95 ) He is frequently mocked for his Irish speech pattern and has to confront rough review by parents whenever Open Class yearss are held: â€Å"Stick to the spelling and the words. Mr. McCurd. and the parents of this school will thank you everlastingly. Forget the storytelling. † ( p. 75 ) During the old ages he frequently has minutes in which he thinks that he should alter his instruction manner and get down being â€Å"tough. organized. disciplined and focused. † ( p. 147 ) However. this instructor figures out a unique and improbably effectual manner of learning that brings me to the point of labeling him a really good instructor. As already stated. he is honorable to the pupils. to himself and peculiarly loyal. He recognizes every individual person ; â€Å"I don’t see a category as one unit sitting and listening to me. There are faces demoing grades of involvement or indifference. It’s the indifference that challenges me. † ( p. 148 ) and he develops his ain manner to learn AND entertain the young person. Frank McCourt lays out a program for self-improvement to do him a better instructor that is disciplined. traditional. scholarly. resourceful and ever ready with replies. His basic program consisted of the followers: â€Å"I still told narratives. but I was larning how to link them with the likes of the Wife of Bath. Tom Sawyer. Holden Caulfield. Romeo and his reincarnation in West Side Story. English instructor are ever being tol d. you got ta do it relevant. † ( p. 204 ) He finds his secret formula through a batch of contemplation and self-critique. frequently connected with depressive tempers. The reader witnesses how difficult he is seeking to ever self-improve and how much he is cognizant of his duty of a instructor and maestro in the students’ educational advancement. At one point. when he tries to learn new vocabulary through reading cookery books and singing formulas. he starts worrying. â€Å"How can all this be justified to the governments who keep an oculus on the course of study? † ( p. 209 ) He believes through his originative and advanced manner of nearing pupils he instead â€Å"turned the schoolroom into a resort area. and turned his schoolroom into a resort area. a blame session and a group-therapy forum. † ( p. 211 ) At the extremum of his coming-of-age he writes an fanciful missive of review to himself. but he concludes that there is no usage in fearing authorities’ penalty if he is being his ain enemy: â €Å"Why fear the unfavorable judgment of others when you. yourself. are first out of the critical gate? If self- belittling is the race I am the victor. even before the starting gun. Roll up the stakes. † ( p. 211 ) Yes. sometimes non merely the pupils and non merely the reader of his life. but even Frank McCourt wonders what his learning scheme is. What is the manner of success? In Chapter 17 he eventually reveals it: â€Å"Find what you love and do it. That’s what it boils down to. I admit I didn’t ever love learning. I was out of my deepness. You’re on your ain in the schoolroom. one adult male or adult female confronting five categories every twenty-four hours. five categories of adolescents. One unit of energy against one hundred and 75 units of energy. one hundred and 75 ticking bombs. and you have to happen ways of salvaging your ain life. They may wish you. they may even love you. but they are immature and it is the concern of the immature to force the old off the planet. [ . . } After a few old ages you develop antennae. You can state when you’ve reaches them or alienated them. It’s chemical science. It’s psychological science. It’s carnal inherent aptitude. You are with the childs and every bit long as you want to be a instructor. there’s no flight. Don’t expect aid from people who’ve escaped the schoolroom. the superior. They’re busy traveling to tiffin and believing higher ideas. It’s you and the childs. So. there’s the bell. See you subsequently. Find what you love and do it. â€Å" ( p. 255 ) Turns out that even the overseer applauds and tells him that his instruction is originative and advanced and that at that place needed to be more instructors like him. So. in his life. the reader non merely gets the opportunity to analyse his outstanding characteristics of honestness. trueness and self-reformation through contemplation but one can besides observe two of import messages which Frank McCourt wants the reader to see. First of all. he depicts the suffering state of affairs that instructors have to populate in. He frequently has to alter his place ; he taught in four different high schools ( McKee. Fashion Industries. Seward Park. Stuyvesant ) and at a college in Brooklyn. where parents and school disposals ever criticize him. Many times. he besides thought that pupils merely used instructors: â€Å"They merely usage you. They find out where you’re vulnerable. † ( p. 78 ) Therefore he frequently asked himself: â€Å"What was the usage? Teacher. my buttocks. † ( p. 55 ) He found himself as being a slave to the regulations set by the Board of Education that required a rigorous lesson program. saying your purpose and your motivational agencies. a drumhead and a prep for every individual category. He found himself imprisoned. with small chance to get away the system and pattern his ain instruction method. He frequently feels he is refused in the new American society. Bing a instructor. â€Å"I was disheartened. There is no room for me in the great American Dream. † ( p. 56 ) He so decided to travel back to Dublin seeking a PhD. After a piece though. he had to be honorable to himself and declare: â€Å"There was no door for me in Dublin and I had to acknowledge. eventually. what ailed me: I missed New York. † ( p. 177 ) Back to New York. he eventually thinks he should merely go on his ain instruction manner. Not merely does he state narratives from his young person and maturity but he besides sings formulas. assigns exciting originative authorship undertakings. like alibi letters to God from Eve and programs fieldtrips to the films or to Parkss. He likes to convey the schoolroom alive and actuate the pupils. However all his attempt. nevertheless. the book shows how small regard he gets. Particularly when he changes to the most esteemed High School in New York. viz. Stuyvesant High School. he tells how the parents are simply interested in the success of their kids. â€Å"The mas and pas have high outlooks and nil less than success will fulfill them. [ †¦ ] No admiration Stanley is screwed up. The female parent keeps the authoritative six-room flat on the Upper West Side while Dad is in some hut in the arse terminal of the Bronx. † ( p. 233 ) At that school he encountered a batch of emphasis. being obliged to learn five categories and maintain up a high degree. The reader witnesses how he starts stalling and proroguing his responsibilities. frequently indulging into intoxicant as the lone means to get away the acrimonious world: â€Å"When you teach five high school categories a twenty-four hours. five yearss a hebdomad. you’re non inclined to travel place to unclutter your caput and manner deathless prose. † he writes. †You acquire no clip for reading Graham Greene or Dashiell Hammett. F. Scott Fitzgerald or good old P. G. Wodehouse. or your chief adult male. Mr. Jonathan Swift. You’ll go blind reading Joey and Sandra. Tony and Michelle. † Unfortunately. no 1 of all time realizes his great attempts and it turns out to be the world for many. many instructors in this universe. â€Å" Oh you are a instructor? Nice. You get a batch of vacations and work merely from 8am to 1pm† . is what even I have to hear about every clip I answer what my profession was. As we see in this reviewed book. the life of a instructor is more than merely a few hours of entertaining a package of young persons. The 2nd job shown and analyzed in the book â€Å"Teacher man† is the 1 of a clang of several civilizations in one schoolroom. As the narrative is told during the American in-migration period. most categories of McCourt are full of multiculturalism and multiethniticism. It is the teachers’ undertaking to unite all those different persons and make a integrity out of this heterogenous group. His first brush with a diverse schoolroom landscape happened at the New York community college in Brooklyn. First. he had a difficult clip seting to the different degree in a college. â€Å"I barely knew what to make when those first categories filed in. Saturday and waited for my talk. No 1 asked for the lavatory base on balls. No 1 raised a manus to impeach anyone of stealing a sandwich or a book or a place. † ( p. 114 ) Then. nevertheless he describes how diverse his pupils are and the jobs that arise out of this state of affairs. The latter are missing motive and belief in self-efficacy as depicted in a instance of a Cuban pupil. She even provinces: â€Å"I am cipher. † ( p. 118 ) Having to fight in a new environment means working hard. being underpaid and ever fearing to lose self-subsistence. As a consequence. about everyone in his category at this college plagiarizes in the concluding paper. This event makes the instructor instantly change school. He merely does non desire to go on working with pupils that perceive themselves as self-inefficient and unmotivated due to their jobs at place. At his following school. though he has to go on his battle with multicultural pupils. As he accidently even gets into a battle with a Cuban pupil. called Hector. he is fired. being accused of racism and cultural favoritism ( see p. 122 ) . Seward Park high school so was non any different. En contraire. h e found himself being employed in a â€Å"melting-pot† hot spot. â€Å"This was a melting-pot school: Judaic. Chinese. Puerto Rican. Grecian. Dominican. Russian. Italian and I had no readying or preparation for learning English as a Second Language. † ( p. 129 ) Besides here. the fact that the pupils are despairing in their hapless fortunes affects the schoolroom clime negatively. The instructor is being ignored by them. disrespected and non valued at all. â€Å"I faced the hardest challenge of my whole instruction calling. † It was a â€Å"gender clang ; coevals clang ; civilization clang ; racial clang. † ( p. 136 ) However. he tries to near the pupils with his compassion and with fun activities. In an effort to demo them that world does non ever intend unsmooth yearss. he takes the pupils out to the films and to see Hamlet in a theatre. He is eventually able to get some regard: â€Å"They were looking at me. speaking to me. acknowledging my being. including me in their universe. † ( p. 137 ) In 1971 he changes to his last high school: Stuyvesant High School. He is relieved and really glad holding this new chance as he states: â€Å"In my first twelvemonth of learning this was the first clip I felt free in the schoolroom. I could learn whatever I liked. † ( p. 186 ) Even at this esteemed school though. the modern-day in-migration jobs are a current subject. Ben Chan. a Chinese pupil of him. attacks McCourt in an effort to seek for his understanding. â€Å"He was twelve when he came to this state four old ages ago. He knew no English but he studier difficult and learned adequate English and mathematics to go through the Stuyvesant High School entryway test. He was happy to be here and his whole household was so proud of him. Peoples back in China were proud of him. He competed against 14 thousand childs to acquire into this school. His male parent worked six yearss a hebdomad. 12 hours a twenty-four hours. in a eating house in Chinatown. His female parent worked in a business district sweatshop. Every dark she cooked dinner for the whole household. five kids. her hubby. herself. † ( p. 193 ) Finally. Frank McCourt does non merely demo how difficult it was to learn in those schoolrooms. but besides includes the positive side of multiculturalism. The pupils brought their particular nutrient from their several states. told their beginnings and even went for a nice field day to the park. Making the lessons more pluricultural and synergistic brings the pupils together and learn them a multicultural instruction where there is no room for favoritism and racism. Reasoning this book reappraisal that centered around his measure uping characteristics of being an first-class instructor and the two chief subjects ( instructors and in-migration ) . I want to indicate out why this book is besides highly entertaining. Although the instructor depicts serious jobs. he ever does it in a amusing manner. Sarcasm. sarcasm and wit are 1s of his most outstanding rhetoric devices used to do his linguistic communication unique and peculiar. Many transitions are full of laughs. as for illustration the sandwich battle in the really first scene of the book. where he merely collects a sandwich from the floor and eats it in forepart of his pupils. queerly inquiring what the particular Italian formula was. that made it that delightful. Whenever he depicts the difficult fortunes of a instructor occupation he is non depressively kicking. No. he instead tells it with a humourous. certainly sarcastic undertone that evidently points out what he truly wants to province. Let’s consider one of my favourite cases as a reasoning point to demo how entertaining this talk was: â€Å"You know. After school. instructor goes straight place. Carries a bag filled with documents to be read and marked. Might have a cup of tea with partner. Oh. no. Teacher would neer hold a glass of vino. That’s non how instructors live. They don’t travel out. Possibly a film on the weekend. They have dinner. They put their childs to bed. They watch the intelligence before they settle in for the dark to read hose documents. At eleven it’s clip for another cup of tea or glass of warm milk to assist them kip. Then they put on pyjama. snog the partner and float away. Teachers’ pyjama are ever cotton. What would a teache r be making in silk pyjama? And. no. they neer sleep bare. Man. can you conceive of some instructor in this school naked? Teachers are good. proper. professional. painstaking. and they’d neer throw a leg over the other one in the bed. Below the belly button the instructor is dead. † ( p. 190 ) Frank McCourt’s â€Å"Teacher Man† is an extraordinary book. recommendable for about every reader. instructors. pupils and even merely normal pedants.

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The Work of Midwives Essays - Health, Midwifery, Personal Life

"The Work of Midwives" By: Lauren A. Gonder There has been much controversy surrounding the roles of midwives with no hospitals , no drugs, and no supervision from a doctor. A clinical assessment has been formulated that could have implications for the United States, Britain's National Institute for Health, and Care Excellence. The conclusion was that it is safer for healthy women with uncomplicated pregnancies to give birth under the supervision of a midwife rather than in a hospital maternity ward run by doctors CITATION Edi14 \l 1033 (EditorialBoard, 2014) . The reasoning behind this conclusion is that doctors are much more likely to use interventions like forceps deliveries, spinal anesthesia, and cesarean sections, which all carry risks of infection and surgical accidents CITATION Edi14 \l 1033 (EditorialBoard, 2014) . Midwives are registered and certified nurses who have graduated from a nurse-midwifery education program accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Midwifery Education and have passed a national certification examination to receive the professional designation of certified nurse-midwife (CNM) CITATION Fer14 \l 1033 (Ferreira, 2014) . They typically have earned at least a master's degree from an accredited college, received clinical training, and passed a state licensing exam CITATION Edi14 \l 1033 (EditorialBoard, 2014) . There have been many studies that have shown that midwives do just as well or better than obstetricians in a low-risk case CITATION Edi14 \l 1033 (EditorialBoard, 2014) . A Certified Nurse Midwife's responsibilities are the same as a certified obstetrician, including prescribing pharmacologic treatment, depending on the state regulation CITATION Uni \l 1033 (Univ.Cinn.) . Midwives are not just central to providing obstetric and newborn care, they are also qualified to provide routine primary care and gynecological services. A woman can get their care from a CNM from puberty to menopause. Having a primary care provider that a woman can trust is very important. CNM's and other Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN's) are a critical component of addressing the shortage of primary care physicians (PCP) CITATION Fer14 \l 1033 (Ferreira, 2014) . There are a record number of PCP's retiring, and fewer medical school graduates choosing primary care as a specialty CITATION Fer14 \l 1033 (Ferreira, 2014) . With the field of nursing expanding to include specialized practitioners with advanced t raining, education, and experience, CNM's and other types of APRN's can provide the primary care services to the patients that are having a challenging time finding a more permanent care provider. In a time of spiraling medical costs and the increasing demand for healthcare, midwives can offer a cost-effective way of providing good maternity care CITATION Edi14 \l 1033 (EditorialBoard, 2014) . The professional society of obstetricians have provided evidence that planned home births carry an increased risk of neonatal death, compare to a planned hospital birth CITATION Edi14 \l 1033 (EditorialBoard, 2014) . Some medical centers are trying to have the best of both worlds by allowing midwives independence within the hospital CITATION Edi14 \l 1033 (EditorialBoard, 2014) . If midwives could practice autonomously within a hospital then the low-risk cases that may develop complications, will have full and quick access to the hospital. The Mayo Clinic lets midwives handle low-risk pregnancies independently and hand off to doctors in the event a case becomes severe CITATION Edi14 \l 1033 (EditorialBoard, 2014) . The practice of midwifing has been around for a long time and it doesn't seem to be going away any time soon. Midwives have the education, training, and experience to provide primary care for women from puberty to menopause. If a woman has no history of complications during pregnancy, is expected to deliver a single baby at full term, and the baby is presenting head first, then the guidance a midwife can provide is just as good, if not better, as an obstetrician. There is a massive shortage of primary care physicians and CNM's have maintained the highest standards of care to be provided to their patients. In conclusion, t here is no good reason that midwives should not play an important role in childbirth as long as the risk of complication is minimal.

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Economies of Scope and the Modern Technology

Introduction: Economies of Scope as an Object of the Research The role of economics of scope has increased considerably since recently, which presupposes that the changes occurred in the given sphere should be considered closer and analyzed to understand the methods that enhanced the growing development of the given economics.Advertising We will write a custom report sample on Economies of Scope and the Modern Technology specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Therefore, the elements that economies of scope are comprised of, as well as the effects that the recent surge of technological development, as well as the numerous technological innovations, had on the given entrepreneurship is of major importance. It is necessary to mark that the phenomenon of economics of scope must not be confused with the one of the economies of scale. Since the two phenomena concern the same sphere yet are composed of different elements, it is required to dra w the line between the two. According to the description provided by Parkin, Powell and Matthew (2007), â€Å"a firm experiences economics of scale when an increase in its output of a good or service brings a decrease in the average total cost of producing it† (227). However, the authors mark that both the economics of scale and of scope â€Å"can lead to natural monopoly† (Parkin, Powell and Matthew 2007, p.227). It is worth marking that Parkin, Powell and Matthew (2007) emphasize the importance of technological innovations for the economies of scale: â€Å"In a period of rapid and far-reaching technological change, such as that of the information revolution of the 1990ies, firms become extremely optimistic about profits and investment booms (p.546).† Hence, the recent changes in the sphere of economies of scale are to be observed.Advertising Looking for report on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF L earn More The Existing Companies: The Opportunities and Examples In the given paper, such economics of scope are considered as the Xerox Company, the U.S. Telecommunications Industry, as well as the local exchange company and local operating company are considered. With the help of the analysis of their peculiarities and development, one can come to the conclusion concerning the companies’ strategic operations, their tactics and the way the given economies have utilized the new technologies that were at their disposal. However, it is important to mark the opportunities that each company had before the implementation of the technological changes. It is worth marking that Xerox Co. is one of the businesses that is developing rapidly and, hence, requires expanding, creating affiliates and managing them successfully. Speaking of the other sphere of economies of scope that are considered in the given paper, the one concerning the telecommunication issues, it is necessary to expl ain that in the given sphere, â€Å"the existence of economies of scope remains an important but ambiguous issue† (Banker et al 1998, p.254). Therefore, differences in the development of the given companies predetermine the complexity of the analysis, making the latter considerably objective, though. Tracking the Progress: The Role of the Technologies It is worth mentioning that in the companies under the considerations, the technological, innovations introduced have played quite different roles despite such common feature as the fact that the companies in question both belong to the economies of scope and, hence, are supposed to develop according to a certain pattern.Advertising We will write a custom report sample on Economies of Scope and the Modern Technology specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning that in the sphere of the U.S. telecommunications, the economies of scope are closely interc onnected with the rapid progress of the U.S. telecommunications, yet there is no tangible connection between the two; as the authors claim, the given elements impact the same sphere of financial issues, yet the connection between the two is quite vague: â€Å"Moreover,†¦ the evidence cannot adequately disentangle the effects of two factors that both reduce unit costs – economies of scale and technological advance† (p.256). In contrast to the given phenomenon, the economy of scale that Xerox Co. represents offers rather substantial reasons for implementing the strategy that economy of scale presupposes. Grounding their ideas and suggestions on the current state of the company’s affairs, the managers come to the conclusion that the technological innovations that have been implemented so far require the change of the company course of n economy of scope, marking that the old model of operating the company does not suit the innovations in the sphere of technolo gies: â€Å"In other cases, though, such a business model will not fit the circumstances of the technological or market opportunity† (p.2). Concerning the Course of Actions: Strategic Implications Analyzing the specific strategies that the given economies of scope utilize to achieve the maximum efficiency and decrease the costs that they suffer, one must mark that each of the given entrepreneurships has chosen it sown pace and model of development, which calls for another comparison on the efficiency of the given approaches. Nevertheless, it is necessary to comment on the strategic implications themselves first. Observing the specifics of the strategic implications that the economies of scale presuppose for the given companies, one can come to the conclusion that with the help of the strategies chosen by the companies, a rapid increase in the revenues is about to occur.Advertising Looking for report on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Because of the improvement of the technological issues, the companies in question are able to process the queries and complete the tasks several times faster; in addition, the surge of the income and the decrease of the raw materials used for the production of the goods of the given companies allows the latter to develop further, thus, creating sufficient grounds for the future expansion, the international partnership and even the â€Å"evolution of future industry structure†(Banker et al 1998, p.254). The Related Concepts: Discussing the Commercial Integrity Obviously, the issue of economies of scope and the technological innovations tat trigger the latter cannot be considered alone, since there is a number of factors dependent on the aforementioned economies, and, vice versa, the given corporations depend considerably on the issues intertwined with the problem of providing innovations in the sphere of economic and business. Crating the specific environment for the developme nt of the given ventures, one can claim with certainty that the success of the entrepreneurship follows immediately, which means that the elements of the environment that the companies in question operate in must be considered thoroughly. Introducing the peculiar details, one will be able to see the related concepts that contribute to building a successful business. Among the concepts of the kind, the commercial integrity takes the first place. As Chesbrough and Rosembloom (2002) say, â€Å"some scholars conclude that firms may indeed develop the ability to manage new technological opportunities effectively if they invest in integrative capabilities†¦, ambidextrous internal processes†¦, or complementary assets† (p.5), hence, emphasizing the necessity to create the commercial integrity of the economies in question. Hence, the integrity of the U.S. telecommunication companies cannot be doubted at the moment, which obviously leads to the prosperity of the latter, where as Xerox Corporation seems to have problems concerning the integrity of the company (Banker et al 1998), which triggers certain concerns for the company future. Hence, the integrity of the economies of scope is essential for the well-being of the latter. Conclusions: Economies of Scope: The Importance of Technologies Development Judging from the research conducted and the data obtained, one can come to the conclusion that in most cases, the transition to the development of economies of scope is predetermined by the necessity to implement certain technological changes and offer various innovations into the company. Therefore, the transition to the strategies of economies of scope can be considered a natural course of events for major companies like Xerox or the U.S. Telecommunications. With the help of the strategies that the acceptance of the economies of scope presupposes, Xerox and the U.S. Telecommunications can develop into larger corporations, keeping their integrity and creati ng the environment auspicious for further improvements and progress. Executive Summary In the modern world of economics, the aspect of technological innovations plays one of the major roles. Providing an efficient operation of companies, facilitating the work of the employees and simplifying the working process in general and certain operations in particular, the technological aspect is one of the prior issues in the sphere of economies of scope. Hence, the scale of the recent technological innovations, as well as their impact on the modern economies of scope, is to be considered. In addition, the general features of the modern examples of economies of scope are to be observed as well. Narrowing the research to featuring the peculiarities of several entrepreneurships, the strategies chosen by them, the tactics the businesses in question implement and the goals that they pursue, as well as analyzing the commercial integrity within the companies in question, one can come to certain co nclusions concerning the methods in which the modern economies of scope are operated and the issues that arise on certain stages of the development of the given economies. Hence, the general assessment of the current situation in the sphere of economies of scope can be conducted. With the help of the specific methods of research, precise data can be obtained, a thorough analysis can be conducted, and cohesive conclusions can be made. In the given paper, several companies that represent the economies of scope and utilize the correspondent elements their corporation strategy are going to be considered, their recent technological innovations are going to be enumerated, and the changes that have occurred in the given companies are going to be analyzed. It is important to mark that the given research focuses on the technological innovations used in the process of operating the economies of scope, and argues that for the economies of scope, the recent technological innovations can be cons idered as an efficient means of tackling certain entrepreneurship issues, namely, the ones concerning the efficiency of the company, the quality of the products and the efficiency of the staff. Therefore, the given paper claims that the current technologies are to be incorporated for an efficient implementation of the strategies of the economies of scope. In addition, the issues concerning the technological sphere are to be considered in the paper. Moreover, the social complexities are to be taken into account. Conducting an extensive observation of the given entrepreneurships, the paper offers profound conclusions. Bibliography Banker, D.R., Chang, H.-H., and Majumdar, S.K. 1998, â€Å"Economies of Scope in the U.S. Telecommunications History†, Information, Economics and Policy, vol.10, pp.253-272. Chesbrough, H., and Rosembloom, R.S. 2002, The Role of Business Model in  Capturing Value from Information: Evidence from Xerox Corporation’s Technology Spinoff Companies , Harvard Business School, Boston, MA. Parkin, M., Powell, M., and Matthews, K. 2007, Economics, Pearson Education, Upper Saddle River, NJ. This report on Economies of Scope and the Modern Technology was written and submitted by user Anna Q. to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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s In The Closet.

Free Essays on Skeleton\'s In The Closet. Skeletons in the closet It is the year 2112 and the incurable ‘kills all’ disease plagues the world. The disease attacks all forms of life and has spread at such a fast rate that nobody has been able to find a cure. Scientists attempting to find a cure for the disease are more susceptible to catching the disease; this has caused mass hysteria, especially in what remains of the United States of America. People are confined to sealed buildings and old bomb shelters, as the disease has not yet been reported to pass through solid walls. The disease however can pass through cracks in walls having a devastating effect, as it wipes out the large numbers of people that have packed into the building or shelter in a matter of minutes. Human, animal and plant numbers as halved since the outbreak a few days ago, and it seems that even if people keep hiding they will be avoiding the inevitable as at this rate the disease will wipe out human food resources in a matter of days. The wacky President of what was left of the United States of America, George Bush VIII, in light of the crisis promises a large reward to anyone who would free the world from this plague. As nobody can get near to finding a cure before meeting their untimely death since the President’s announcement, President George Bush VIII upped the stakes. The President announced that he would grant the Nobel Peace Prize, fame, fortune and marriage to Super-Galactic-Model Neptula Smith, (who had volunteered for the cause as part of her Charity for the Galaxy Appeal) to the person who would rid the world of the ‘kills all’ disease. Two brothers, Fred and Bob Jones, in the ruined state of Tennessee caught word of the rewards offered for the cure to the ‘kills all’ disease and decided, seeing as they were MAD scientists to start work on the project despite the daunting fact that there was a great possibility that they would die, as had other great scientists of the day. Fre...

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Report from a show in TV channel (U.S.) such as Oparah, and make an Essay

Report from a show in TV channel (U.S.) such as Oparah, and make an introduction about the show and drop down all the commercials and count for the minutes - Essay Example A prize that began at two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, which steadily increases as the couples show how much they know each other. For examples, the wives we given ten changes, and for every change the husband noticed, a thousand dollars was added to the pot of money. By the end of each episode, one couple is voted off with the mandated tearful goodbye and the original seven couples continually dwindle until one will obtain a nest egg to kick-start their lives. For an hour-long reality show there were a total of seven commercials that lasted a total of sixteen minutes and twenty-seven seconds. The first commercial was from Sprint advertising their new Palm Centro, for two minutes and ten seconds, where a older gentleman discussed how life went to fast and there was no time for communication, while couples were shown in the background using the phone, smiling faces on all. Next was an advertisement from Epsilon discussing their groundbreaking printer, which is presented by a young couple who had just gone to an electronics store in search of a printer given theirs was not producing quality photographs while they were scrap booking.

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Reading response Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 39

Reading response - Essay Example Bridal understands that respect is invaluable and someone who wants to succeed must accept the consequences of disrespect. She tells Fragrance, â€Å"A tutor for a day is a father for a lifetime† (Mair 226). This shows how much she believes and respects Ch’en. It is not always wrong to question authority or do things differently. Bridal presents to Ch’en a set of stationery that Ch’en had never seen and a portrait with weeping eyes (Mair 225). When Ch’en dismisses them, Bridal accepts it and uses what Ch’en approves. As a result of following her tutor’s instructions, she become so good at writing that Ch’en admitted that he had never seen such good writing. I personally believe that taking corrections positively is one way of progressing in life. This scene thus corresponds with my belief. The schoolroom scene is very entertaining. There is adequate use of stylistic devices such as rhyme that give it a poetic feel (Mair 223). In addition, it emphasizes the need for mutual a working relationship between people in authority and those under them, based on trust and

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Neo-Liberalism and Global Environmental Governance Essay

Neo-Liberalism and Global Environmental Governance - Essay Example Human activities whether political, economic, or social have to be managed as subsets of ecosystems and the environment. Environmental governance involves the government, business society, and the civil society and necessitates the incorporation of alternative governing systems such as the watershed based management (Kutting, 2004). The global community has proven incapable of meeting these requirements, which has led to environmental degradation and the emergence of new environmental problems. The international community is experiencing several problems due to globalization. Globalization has led to the improvement of the logistic systems, changes in business and demographic trends and rapid technological progress. This process, however, has led to social and environmental marginalization, widening the gap between the rich and the poor, and increasing the gap between information and technology in the rich and poor countries and social groups. Sustainable development calls for the go vernance of globalization by applying international laws, civil sector domain, and the private sector. The global community has participated in several summits for sustainable development in order to address these issues. ... Resource depletion and environmental degradation could undermine the economy and have to be addressed by all sector actors. Neoliberal institutions argue that international institutions have considerable power to mobilize policymaking towards sustainable environmental governance. Some actors argue that a body high up in the UN hierarchy has to be established in to deal with global environmental and developmental problems. This body would have a mandate and funds to coordinate and centralize environmental and developmental problems within the UN. Economic governance was developed by the UN to promote economic prosperity. The World Bank was established to lend capital to governments for development and poverty alleviation. The GATT agreement promoted global prosperity through the establishment of free markets. The World Bank together with donor governments promoted the idea of liberal market themes, which would also govern resource allocation. UNEP has enacted several laws in the areas of marine pollution, disposal of hazardous wastes, and depletion of the ozone layer. This body linked development and environmental depletion, which forced developed nations to reduce its budgetary allocation. The developed framework has established several institutions in various countries that deal with environmental issues. Developed nations have in the past used environmental laws to limit innovation, intellectual property protection, and macroeconomic management in developing countries. Several developing countries have acquired development loans from the World Bank and other developed nations. These loans have increased the national debt of these countries, making poverty levels unmanageable. These governments spend most